Somah Journeys

We are all traversing a journey of the soul, a profound exploration that calls for a deeper understanding. Soul work entails slowing down to attune to the rhythm of your deeper essence—your soul. Unlike the mind, the soul moves at its own unique pace, encompassing so much more than mere thoughts.

We tend to be driven by the tendencies of our thoughts and beliefs which are mostly conditioned by our past, and influenced by our upbringing, our schooling, our culture and society. But the soul and our bodies move and dance to a different tune. The soul has no deadlines to meet, there’s nowhere to get to, no rush, no race. In the realm of soul work, the race is over.

A pivotal moment occurred when I was on a vision quest many years ago. In the Pacific Northwest, I stood at the ocean shoreline and looked at the stunning landscape with snow-capped mountains in the distance, a rising full moon before pink skies and recognized in that timeless beauty that life is not a race. Let that sink in. Life is not a race.

A paradox can not be held nor understood by the mind. Only when we drop into the heart can a paradox truly be grasped. It is through the ears of the heart that we truly begin to listen. It is through the eyes of the soul that we truly begin to see. When we have the courage to no longer believe the mind’s chatter and begin to listen more deeply, we then begin to align with what is eternal and true.

Once we slow to the rhythm of soul, the irony then is that the work itself is fulfilled, the “space” we’re trying to get to is indeed attained. From that space, the work gets done, and the deadlines so to speak can be met or at least questioned whether they are worth meeting in the first place. From this alignment, we tap into the fuel to navigate the mundane realms of the world of time, flipping everything on its head. From this space, clarity emerges, and essential priorities surface.

As Michael Meade wisely puts it, “Each time we remember a piece of why we came to life, we pull seeds of eternity further into the world of time.

Engaging in our soul work roots us in our essence, propelling us to be a force for good and agents of change—the very essence the world needs in these times.

Again, Michael Meade says, “Imagine how much more we can help the world change and heal if we become more awake to the core meaning and true aim of our own souls.”

This lays the foundation for the explorations in my Soul-centered coaching. If you feel the soul’s nudge, reach out, for it’s your soul’s voice calling you to listen.

In Care, Compassion, Collaboration & Co-creation, we embark on this journey together! In togetherness, we allow new perspectives and ideas to emerge—a gift with never-before-seen treasures to be excavated, key to the way forward in a troubled world.
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