Somah Journeys

Slow down and Savour

In this note today, I’d like to invite you to embrace a slowing down and to play with savouring each word, each image, and each breath as you notice what it invokes in you. For in these moments of intentional presence, we might discover the true richness that is available when we stop and notice.

What is Soul Work?

We are all traversing a journey of the soul, a profound exploration that calls for a deeper understanding. Soul work entails slowing down to attune to the rhythm of your deeper essence—your soul. Unlike the mind, the soul moves at its own unique pace, encompassing so much more than mere thoughts.

Exploring the Overlap of Yoga Nidra & Plant Medicine

My journey with Yoga Nidra began nearly two decades ago, and although I might have dozed off during my initial encounter, it sparked a profound fascination that eventually led me to delve deep into this transformative practice. As the years passed, I immersed myself in the study of Yoga Nidra with a number of the main schools and methods. Parallel to my explorations with Yoga Nidra, I felt drawn to the world of entheogenic plant medicines recognizing a profound connection between these seemingly different paths of healing.