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Soul-Centered Coaching

Stephanie Davis, USA

From the moment we met, the nurturing space Simone was able to create was palpable. You could even feel it through the computer screen. Her tools and practices have helped in my personal and professional life, helped me trust my intuition, and be more grounded in my spiritual and mental growth.

Sin-Niew Loh – Singapore

The sessions with Simone provided me a platform to honour and acknowledge the inner voices speaking to me and; the good, the bad and the noise, and the practices which I could deploy to deal with them. She has helped me to navigate my work and life experiences from a deeper inner connection; to look beyond the ego and judgement.  She has also helped me to recognise that constant self-criticism, exacerbating some painful experiences. I have been able to practice responding instead of reacting through techniques and advice from Simone.

Emma Rose, Ireland

Simone’s Soul-Centered Coaching has been the most loving and transformational guidance to keep me on track personally and professionally. I could not recommend more that working with Simone is not just an investment to help yourself get through challenging times or overcome obstacles but a gift that keeps on giving for your entire life.

Ellen Thorngren – Sweden

Working with Simone has been like coming home. She is such a heart centered and caring person and she provides a really safe and well held space. Her approach is open, explorative, light and loving - yet anchored in deep wisdom and universal truth. She has a great ability to meet you where you are and to know exactly what will serve you in each moment.
Instead of fixing, perfecting or working towards reaching end goals (which I find is often the case with mentors/coaches) Simone helps you see and approach matters with curiosity, compassion and softness. This - in my experience- has been the key to everything, and ultimately what has helped me dissolve a lot of the things I had previously tried hard to ”fix” ”control” or ”effort” my way out of.
She’s helped me embody and fully understand a lot of concepts I previously only grasped on a mind level, which in turn has brought so much more ease into all aspects of how I relate to myself, my life and my relationships. She’s also helped me shift perspective when it comes to what it is/looks like to ”do the work”, and supported me in recognizing that the process is always and that magic comes from allowing things to feel juicy and enjoyable 😉
My 12 weeks with Simone has been a journey full of tears, laughter, deep insights and profound expansion. It’s been an eye opening process of learning to lean in rather than push against. Of daring to simplify rather than complicate. And of finding deep love and understanding for aspects of myself I judge or deem as wrong. As a result I feel more at ease and present all around. I also feel less susceptible to triggers and like I’m able to meet obstacles with less resistance and more okay-ness.
I’m deeply grateful for Simone's soul guidance and while it’s been immensely beneficial for me I also feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what's possible to explore in a container with her. She truly is a well of wisdom and I’d recommend anyone looking to get to know their true selves better to explore working with her in one way or another.

Tracy Deanna King – Canada

Simone starts with unique grounding and mindfulness exercises to assist with dropping into myself. I really loved the different themes she uses and her essence is so comforting. We unpacked and discussed ideas towards my ideal future. Some examples included, unplugging from electrical devices, and re-connecting to nature where I could simply be myself and breathe. Accessing natural spaces among mother earth enhanced and complimented my ability to become aware of how to invite and create this peaceful place within myself. By bridging the inner and external worlds, I made connections that facilitated a spiritual communion allowing me to be aligned in presence, and accept all that is. In today's world, it has become even more critical to set aside time to access my inner sanctuary, even if that means scheduling it in. I am, and we are all worthy of being held and supported by others and her, the great mother earth. I am grateful you could guide me into a state of simplicity, contentment and balance with spirit.

Irene MacKay – Switzerland/Canada

Doing soul work with Simone has been a joyful experience.
She has shown deep wisdom and intuition by helping me to perceive my feelings and thoughts more clearly and motivating me to look at myself from different angles without feeling fearful or judgmental.
With great sensitivity and profound understanding of the human soul she has been able to guide me to look more openly at my own perceptions and interpretations of mySelf and the world in which I live. This approach, gentle and heartfelt, has opened up new doorways to a greater understanding of who and what I am.
What has also impressed me during our sessions is her knowledge of human spirituality in various cultures, past and present, comparing and pointing out similarities and differences thus providing a wider view of the unified field in which all life exists.
I feel more motivated to meditate on a regular basis as she has pointed out mantras and poems as aids to access deeper levels of myself.
Simone is a gem of a human being and I am very grateful for the genuine help and support of my inner growth that she has given me.
- Thank you, mom! Love, Simone xo

Micaela Sharp – UK

My sessions with Simone felt really grounding. She created a safe and calm space for me to explore my spirituality with her expert guidance. After our sessions, I felt centred.

Somatic Plant Medicine Integration

Renata Byrne – UK

Over the past decade I’ve been on quite a journey with Simone, from my first yoga teacher training to my first plant medicine experience. The breakthroughs under her guidance have been transformational; a return to physical health as well as renewed life purpose and forward movement. I’ve grown in ways and directions I could not have imagined.
Simone is a sensitive soul guide with unparalleled integrity; a compassionate space holder for the kind of work I believe can change humanity for the better. If you are a discerning facilitator or practitioner of personal and spiritual development words alone cannot express her grace and skill in the groundbreaking field of somatic plant medicine integration. The value of Simone’s offerings can only be fully appreciated by experience.


In deciding to do plant medicine work, I knew I needed support in the crafting of my intention as well as support around integrating whatever arose. I knew Simone from years ago as a student in her retreat. When I found out she was offering prep and integration and I thought, “Oh this will be just wonderful!”.
Simone has a gentle way of communicating and reflecting on what may not be so clear to the individual. As for myself, I was going about my intention from one angle without seeing another perspective. She offered insight that was truly profound in my work. And now, it’s an angle I use in my own personal and professional life. Integrating after helped to organize the information in a loving and embracing manner. I’m so grateful for her attentive and thoughtful space-holding. She is an angel I will continue to call upon in this sacred work.

Markus Skipper – USA

Working with Simone has been fundamental in my integration from the plant medicine world into the default world. I started my journey with Simone on the February 2020 Peru retreat. The space she is able to hold for herself and others is evident from the first time you meet her. She radiates the aura of Mother Gaia, grounded and nurturing. This feeling made it easy for me to trust in her and her ability as my spiritual guide. I started working 1-on-1 with Simone a few months after the retreat. Working personally with Simone has allowed me to better understand the shifts I’m experiencing from sitting with plant medicine. Since working with her I feel a stronger mind body connection. I am able to move through life more fluidly. I feel grounded and happy with the space I’m holding for myself because of this work. Simone is a very special spiritual guide. I highly recommend her if you are seeking to gain tools to allow for a deeper connection with your mind/body and spirit.

Emma Lowe – Ireland

Simone MacKay, is one of the wisest and humblest beings I have been gifted with coming across on this path. Truly embodying all that she shares, she serves as an inspiration as much in the way that she IS in the world and the things that she doesn’t say as much as in the things that she does. Simone held a powerful yet gentle space for me to shift and sift through a lifetimes worth of conditioning and limiting beliefs and reminding me of my own intrinsic connection to nature and all of ‘Life’. Simone’s guidance and support in both Yoga and Yoga Nidra combined with the deeply powerful lessons I experienced from the Plant Teachers allowed me to reach and transform the make-up of my inner world and forever have changed how I see and interact with the outer world. I am beyond grateful for Simone’s teachings, compassion, love and nurturing presence, the roots of which run deeper in my heart than I can express and from which I have gained unparalleled insight, strength and growth. A true soul guide, gently guiding me home. Even through the darkest times, Simone helps me to remember Life's beauty and gifts, including my own.

Yoga Nidra

Yasmin Khan – UK

Simone has an exceptional talent for devising and delivering yoga nidra. As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, Simone's meditations have saved me on more than one occasion. Her uniquely crafted guided journeys are soulful, grounded, easy to follow and transformative. Having tried numerous yoga nidra teachers online, I always come back to Simone's recordings. They are unmatched for tone, delivery and impact and I couldn't recommend them enough.

Asli Leone – Turkey

I’ve been doing yoga nidra religiously for the last year and a half and I’ve never seen or heard anything like the one you guided in class. You took me to another dimension with your beautiful guidance. I would love more of that!!

Amy Jin – USA

I've been listening to your yoga nidra recordings on your website regularly - they deeply soothe and calm me and help me power down / recharge my nervous system.

Chocolako – USA/Nigeria

“Thank you for your yoga nidra sessions. They really are keeping me “together and nourished”.

Margo – USA

“ I’ve noticed my sleep is healthier (I fall asleep easier at night) andI have less anxiety during the day.

Sabrina – Germany

I had a really hard time in 2020 and didn't feel safe at all and I felt so exhausted.
Your Yoga Nidra sessions helped me sooo, soo much, I do it as often as I can (at least 3x/week) and I feel like a different human. I feel much more relaxed and self-confident and calm.
I changed from being overwhelmed and pushing through life to taking responsibility and feeling the "I can do it".
Thank you so much, Simone! =)

Josephine – Germany

I recognize that I've developed a greater awareness - throughout my daily life I can be more compassionate and patient with myself as well as others. I feel more humorous, I often feel free to laugh when I would like to, even if the people around me don't feel free to let go. There is a deep sense of authentic joy throughout each and every situation 'good' or 'bad'. Besides, my body awareness and self love for my own body increased.

Alida Zuluaga – Australia

The yoga Nidra practice was very nourishing and deeply healing. I found I slept much better and was genuinely rested after. This is important to me as frequently I have trouble with sleep.

Diana – USA

Thank you so much for the recordings. Due to the time difference I am unable to attend to the live zoom but I am so happy for the recordings option. The practice is so healing and inspiring for me and I enjoy these special moments during these difficult times – with much gratitude. THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3

Leila – UK

Absolutely LOVED the Nidra!!!! Wowwwww!! I felt so connected and one with Earth, so grounding and yet flying high simultaneously. All the descriptions of the Earth and water in the body was luscious!! Thank you Simone. I look forward to the next series.

Margo, USA

Simone’s Yoga Nidra has become a home for me, an anchor through the times of transition as a way to calm my nervous system and as a reminder of my true nature, my shining light. The seeds I planted through my intention and practice are blossoming in ways I never would have thought imaginable.

Ashton – UK

Simone MacKay’s and Emma Lowe’s Yoga and Yoga Nidra practices were exactly what my entire being needed.

Emma – UK

WOW. Doing Yoga Nidra online has blown my mind at the possibilities of connection and DEEP practice through these platforms. I’m so inspired and so very grateful for you. As a teacher myself, I don’t think many people actually understand the technology of the practice of yoga nidra in the same way that you do and the difference that deep study and embodiment makes in terms of transmission and level of recognition. I can’t wait for the next series and the next. So powerful and needed.

Freya – Poland

I was probably the last person to ever try out Yoga Nidra. Classic no pain no gain mentality. Thankfully, Simone was sent to my Yoga teacher training and I had the chance to experience the effects of Yoga Nidra. I loved it so much that I would be the first one to complain if we skipped the Nidra. As a professional athlete I know how important it is to work hard, but that only gets you so far. If you truly want to internalize whatever you’re doing, you need to give your body and mind space to process. And if laying around doing nothing sounds boring to you, like it did to me at first, you’re the kind of person who can really benefit from Yoga Nidra.

Jamie – USA

Simone is f*$!king insanely good at weaving together beauty & truth in to the unconscious of other beings, so they can see it, that it’s inside.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Patricia Zumstein – Bolivia/Switzerland

My experience with Yoga Nidra has been really great!
I teach Yoga Nidra every week to a small group. They love it. One of my students told me she has had a hard time finding calm in savasana. After I told her about yoga nidra she was reluctantly willing try. Especially since other practices didn’t ever seem to work, even hypnosis. Once we did the yoga nidra, she exclaimed for the first time in her life that she found utter relaxation as well as tapping into her own inner landscapes which were always inaccessible to her and this just amazed her.
For myself, when I do yoga nidra with Simone’s guidance, I see so many things with my inner eye. Yoga Nidra has enhanced my inner vision so much. It’s so beautiful how deep you can go with this Yoga Nidra!

Diana W – Germany

I’m sick with Covid right now. Yoga Nidra helps me a lot while recovering.

Moni Radha – Germany

Die Welt braucht Yoga Nidra, es ist sooo entspannend und heilend. Danach fühlt man sich wie neu geboren. Alle sind von dieser Magie begeistert.
The world needs yoga nidra. It is sooo relaxing and healing. Afterwards you feel reborn. Everyone is amazed by its magic. Personally, I've found that it has helped me heal grief, it was incredible, I'm deeply grateful to you for that.
Thank you for your voice, your powerful good energy, your knowledge, sharing, love, spirit and your yoga nidra, it's a door opener! I'm offering a yoga weekend soon and will include Yoga Nidra.

Petra Liebl – Austria

Liebe Simone, danke für deine wundervollen Anleitungen! Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass eine kurze Yoga-Nidra "Auszeit" so viel bewirken kann... Es ist wie ein Eintauchen in eine andere (Traum-)Welt, aus der man erfrischt aufwacht. Yoga Nidra ist ein Geschenk an die Welt und deine Art es zu vermitteln ist es in unbeschreiblich schöner Weise ebenso! Meine Yogaschülerinnen lieben es als erweitertes Shavasana - und ich selbst schlafe seither wie ein Baby.
Dear Simone, thank you for your wonderful instructions! I never thought that a short yoga nidra "break" could do so much... It's like diving into another (dream) world from which you wake up refreshed. Yoga Nidra is a gift to the world and your way of conveying it is so in an indescribably beautiful way! My yoga students love it as an extended Shavasana - and I've been sleeping like a baby ever since.

Yoga Nidra Mentorship

Debi Lane – USA

I have been sitting with the material and have worked through all the intro for week one, and also done some of the yoga Nidra sessions. I am so incredibly excited about the material - this is an incredible course you have put together!

Plant Medicine & Yoga Immersions in Peru


I journeyed to the Sacred Valley in Peru where Simone, Leti and Emma held a safe container that invited me to go deeper into my relationship with myself and with the Universe. This experience changed me to the core, resetting my compass toward my heart. Ten powerful days were dedicated to the connection to self and others, and love for self and others. While I was there, I imagined where I could go and how I could continue to follow the passions of my heart and give to the world with my love. As a healer, I felt empowered to stream the energetic love through me and onto the world. For the first time ever, I was able to completely let go, of all the stress, of the notion of “have to” and “should”, and the business of an anxious mind. I cried tears of joy at plant medicine that brought me close to the oneness of everything, and I also cried tears of sadness for the pains of the world that are ever so present. In this altered state of consciousness, I saw things more clearly that were getting in the way of my growth and connected to parts of myself that have been dormant or afraid to take up space. As I have been integrating back into my life, I have been able to stop more and look at the trees and see life. I have been able to slow down and tune into the medicine music and I am taken back to my heart. I have been able to be more grounded in my practices and am questioning things that are no longer serving me for my highest good. I cannot turn a blind eye to things that I know are getting in my way. I have found my voice and I am learning how to be 100% myself with joy and pride, and humility. This container of love and support is a beautiful way to find the connection to medicine, community and self.

Andrea Gaboni – USA

I really wanted to experience in this unique way, the depth of my soul. The experience was pure magic. And pure reality. I felt safe, loved and held the whole way. I felt that I could trust Simone and that anyone she called into her circle could be, in the true sense of the word, a guide. The plant medicines have their own way of working. However, it’s critical to have gatekeepers on this side of it all that with a steady hand and open heart, guide you through the doorway, down and in. Gently. And with care.Would I do this again? 100 times yes. Would it be with Simone? 10000 times yes. Jump! Or walk slowly. Whatever your way, the medicine, and these skilled guides can hold you.

Nicolai Borre Christensen & Cathrine Hansen – Denmark

This journey can best be described as a rebirth. You will dissolve and surrender leaving only your true nature exposed and vulnerable yet free to flourish and grasp into the very core of your existence. This immersion is powerful beyond measure and offers a unique experience of entering highly altered states through yoga nidra and plant medicine, which can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life. There is so much wisdom to be found throughout this retreat and the effects will last far into the future. Simone MacKay pours every bit of her heart into this amazing immersion and you feel the commitment and love from the first minute you arrive and in a base of trust you couldn't even imagine. Simone and her team create an atmosphere that allows you to fully commit and flow into the vibe of these ancient practices. If there is one word to describe this immersion it would be ‘authentic’. We recommend for anyone interested in deep self-exploration and connection to our mysterious earth to do this - we promise you will never regret taking the time and courage to do this work for yourself.

Seth Marcus – USA

I can't tell you how happy I am to have the Peru experience Simone facilitated. I am constantly being brought back to the Maloka as a kind of mental safe place. I can still see, smell, and feel it so vividly. Now that I am firmly back in my regular life, I have found such great tools from my integration. My meditation has never been stronger, and my overall compassion and love for others has been broadened. Again, many many thanks for what you do!

Nikki Curtis, USA

Simone is a wonderfully nurturing guide and puts so much heart and care into creating experiences that allow you to go inward and be your own medicine for healing. She is very special and I would recommend her immersions to anyone.

Naomi Gaskin – Canada

I just completed a 100-hour retreat - Yin yoga plant medicine module in Peru. It was one of the best learning experiences of my life. Truly magical. Simone is a wonderful teacher and facilitated the retreat with exceptional detail and grace. I would highly recommend to anyone curious about exploring this kind of path. With great love.

Matt Lovitt – USA

I traveled down to Peru for an all-inclusive yoga retreat involving, a sweat lodge, yoga, hiking, meditation, a day of silence, and 2 ceremonies with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. It was led by well-traveled guides with tons of experience and international contacts. They are yoga teacher trainers who have experienced just about everything in their realm. Guided by their courage and passion I felt like I received 10 years of therapy in a matter of 10 days.

Sherena Edinboro – USA

I am truly grateful for you and consider you one of my great teachers and guides.
Honestly, it was you, and your retreat that changed my life. I'm so grateful for you! Words are not suffice. I found myself, my voice.
You are truly beautiful. And if it wasn't for your work, your dedication, your ability to hold not only Sacred, but Safe Space, I truly believe I would not be where I am at.
Know that you are valued, appreciated and necessary in this world. Especially for the exceptional work you do 🙏🏾. A sweet gentle, all - knowing Soul ✨, that is you.
So much gratitude.

Jessie Emmons – Canada

Simone, Leti and the rest of the Somah Journey's team provide an unbelievably comfortable atmosphere that enabled me to expand my overall knowledge of yoga and life in general. There was a good mix of heated Vinyasa to more relaxed deep Yin classes that always began with breathing and awareness exercises. Simone was able to provide many guided yoga nidra classes and expand on the science behind it in class form, which was a nice addition to the course. The level of talent Letizia has in leading ceremonies truly shines in her ability to provide support to the group mentally, physically and musically. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who has a true calling to the plant medicines and yoga. To say I left Peru enlightened and with a new spice for life would be an understatement. I truly appreciate everything Simone and Somah Journey's have done for me and fully intend on working with them again.

On-demand (self-paced) courses

Lizabeth – Maris

A big thank you for all your generosity, and for such a beautiful and soulful way to explore and understand the koshas. Your presence, guidance and teaching style through the videos is very authentic, engaging and full of insight. I’m loving following along with each part!

Tracy King – Canada

I am really enjoying working through the ‘Alchemy of the Elements’ series in my yoga space [alongside our weekly Soul Sessions]. It is so grounding to be back on my mat and doing those 🙂 The write up after the Soul Sessions is very helpful for me to stay on track. So thank you!

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