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My recent 2-month trip to Europe has thrown my newsletter schedule off a bit, but now that I’m back, I’d love to reflect on my journey and share some exciting updates and offerings with you.

My time in Europe was truly enriching. Visiting my folks and spending quality time with my partner Troy (we’ve got a few things up our sleeve to be shared soon!) in Switzerland set a wonderful tone before embarking on a magical adventure to Ireland, France, and Spain.

Ireland, where we dove into deeper levels of consciousness with our Nidra students, was particularly nourishing. In France, my dear friend Lorraine Taylor and I developed a new online course called ‘Yoga Remedies: For Life’s Whirlwinds,’ which we will be sharing soon. Spain brought the joy of reconnecting with my sweet friend Micaela Sharp, who has an inspiring vision of buying a farm there.

This trip sparked new ideas and connections, alongside rekindling cherished friendships. Upon my return to Thailand two weeks ago, it became clear that my time here, a time of extended sadhana, is nearing an end. It’s time for a new chapter, mixed with the sorrows of letting go and the excitement of what may lie ahead. I’ve moved across continents many times, but as I grow older, I seek a place to truly ground myself and share more deeply from my heart, be with loved ones while extending the benefits of my accumulated knowledge to a wider community.

The skills and wisdom I’ve cultivated through a lifetime of studies—yogic wisdom, plant medicine teachings, trauma-informed practices, nervous system regulation, all steeped in soul work—can support you on your journey. I offer group trainings and 1:1 coaching to help you navigate the tumultuous waves of modern living.

I’m excited to offer more ways for us to connect and learn together. I’ll be back in Europe and Bali in the months to come:

  • Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: Begins Friday, August 16 (then switching to Wednesdays) for North American and European time zones. This is a wonderful opportunity to dive deep into the practice and art of guiding Yoga Nidra.
  • In-Person Hybrid 40-hr Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: Join us October 25-27 in Ireland for the special time of Samhain. This immersive experience is perfect for those looking to deepen their practice and teaching skills in a supportive, nurturing environment.
  • Workshops Coming Soon: If you’d like to host or participate in a workshop in the European zone (some are already in the works including Bern [Switzerland], Vienna, and more!), I’d love to hear what you’d most like to learn and immerse in. Your input will help shape upcoming offerings that truly resonate with our community’s needs.

I’m delighted to be a guest teacher for my dear friends Lorraine Taylor and Tina Nance’s advanced YTT programs respectively:


As always, my goal is to support you in these turbulent times. Whether through courses, workshops, or soul-centered coaching, I’m here to share my heart and knowledge with you, providing a space for your growth, healing and inner transformation so you can contribute to a more peaceful world.

With love,

Yoga Nidra Dream Team - Emma & I co-facilitated the 3-day Nidra journey while Erin kept our bellies nourished and happy.
Nidraaaa in the cozy barn studio.
Discovering the mysteries at New Grange, Ireland. Reminders of how the ancient ones honoured the cycles of nature keeping us inspired and awed.
Listening to the whispers of the green ones and sacred trees, working with the element of fire to transmit our intentions and warming our toes.

Supporting your Soul’s Wisdom

“What you don’t transform, you transmit.”

~ shared by a wise elder of the Blackfeet people

As we strive for balance, I’ve learned valuable lessons that I’m excited to share! Guiding individuals like you through these transformative journeys is my passion. While each offering may vary, its impact on inner peace is profound, rippling through relationships and communities. These shifts are the seeds of much-needed change in our troubled world.

I realize I don’t mention this nearly enough, but supporting people on their personal journeys is one of my favourite things to do! In 1:1 Soul Sessions, we explore various aspects, from somatic nervous system regulation to manage daily stress better, to deep soul work that uncovers your unique and authentic way of being. These sessions are rooted in two tracks:

· Soul-Centered Coaching & Mentoring: These sessions are designed to help you navigate life’s challenges with greater awareness and intention while learning practical tools anchored in modern and ancient wisdom.

· Plant Medicine Preparation & Integration: Discover ways to prepare for and integrate transformative experiences with plant medicine teachers.

ONLINE Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

The Nidra Blueprint – Unravel the Magic of Yoga Nidra

(YACEP 25hrs)

As you embark on this journey, you’ll discover how these practices extend beyond personal growth, enriching relationships and communities—a much-needed remedy for our modern era.

FINALLY! New Cohort begins for North America and European time zones!
Friday, August 16
We will then shift to Wednesdays, August 21, 28, Sept 4, 11, 18, 25 for all subsequent calls.

PDT 9am [west coast Americas]
EST 12noon [east coast Americas]
CEST 6pm [central Europe]

IN-PERSON Yoga Nidra Teacher Training 

IrelandOctober 25 – 27

Aisling na hÉireann : Dreams of Ireland
40 hour YACEP training (Hybrid – online & in-person)
Co-led with Emma Lowe
Catered by The Edible Flower.
An optional Sacred Site tour further deepens connections to Ireland’s mystical heritage.

In the Irish medicine wheel, known as the Celtic Wheel of the Year, we gather at Samhain which is considered energetically and spirituality as the most powerful time of the year. For the ancient ones it was a potent time for divination and dreaming when the veils between this world and the mystical Celtic “otherworld” were at their thinnest. This makes it a really powerful time for dreamwork practices, such as Yoga Nidra to connect to the ancestors, to listen to the land speak and to enter Celtic dreamtime like the ancient druids and poets of Ireland.

Heart-Centered Collaborations

This space is dedicated to collaborations I am a part of and features kindred souls who share their wisdom and skills, online or in-person.
Discover programs that promote a healthier way of relating and being in the world.

Wisdom Warrior Coaching with Troy McFadden

New Inspiring Collaborations

I feel so honored to be involved with these two wonderful organizations and their holistic offerings:

· Helix Training InstituteHelix is dedicated to providing psycho-spiritual counseling training. I am contributing to the development of their new curriculum and will be co-teaching with my friend and Yoga Barn peer Jana Johnson. This incredible program is set to launch in 2025.

· NectaraNectara is doing heart-centered work providing quality support to those exploring psychedelic therapies and plant medicine. I’m one of their vetted guides.

Recently, on the solstice, I shared a Yoga Nidra class with the Nectara community and I’d love for you to experience it too. You can access it here.

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