Somah Journeys

In this note today, I’d like to invite you to embrace a slowing down and to play with savouring each word, each image, and each breath as you notice what it invokes in you. For in these moments of intentional presence, we might discover the true richness that is available when we stop and notice.

Before you read on, take a deep breath in through your nose… hold for a moment at the top… then as you gently purse your lips, release the air out through your mouth in a steady stream ….

Slowing down allows us to connect deeply with our bodies, listening to their wisdom and nurturing our nervous systems at a fundamental level. Through this deliberate deceleration, we open ourselves to more profound insights and attune to the wonders of life in all its forms.

It was in a plant medicine journey once where I was taken into the experience of what it truly felt like to slow down to such a degree that when we’re no longer moving at the pace of our thoughts, and our bodies don’t have to play catch up, then we can truly savour with all our senses, the full experience we are having moment to moment.

I was shown the beauty of a blossoming flower. The shades of pink in each fold, the way the light fell on it and the texture of the soft petals as they unfurled, the fragrance that drifted into my nose, the way my senses connected into a direct feeling in my body that awakened it in ways I had not experienced before. It’s like the aroma traveled to my womb, herself blossoming like a flower. It was as if time stood still, and I was fully present, savouring every sensation with all my senses alive.

But the moment was fleeting, the teaching was that this is a practice that must be cultivated. Through this art of savouring, we unlock a profound magic—an enriched life where beauty and wonder abound in the seemingly ordinary. By embracing a slower pace, we rediscover our connection to nature, our dreams, and the innate gifts of living in a body, a key to finding healing and a sense of belonging to the world and the greater Mystery itself. It is through this attunement that we open and discover a capacity for increased understanding, joy, compassion and love to flow more effortlessly.

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