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I help you align to a new way of heartful Being that honours, respects and supports your wellbeing with that of the entire living Earth community.

The importance of plants as spiritual healers is still honoured and practiced throughout the world through indigenous peoples, wise women, healers and medicine people who live in close communion with nature.

Not only are plants our ancient ancestors, the roots of our existence are intertwined. We even share the same DNA coding! Plants are the keepers of the wisdom of the earth, and their spirit the very same that flows through all of Life.

My plant medicine sessions are designed for those who have made the commitment to explore plant medicine to access a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s place within the whole.

Exploring Plant Medicine work and integration
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We work with the intelligence of the body to create lasting new ways of Being.

Sessions are offered as a combined package to support your sacred and precious journey. Post-ceremony integration sessions as a standalone are also valuable, even months or years after the ceremony experience.

Pre-Ceremony Preparation

Post-Ceremony Integration


‘The Duo’

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Intention-Setting, Preparation & Integration
2 Session Package: USD $250

‘The Single’

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Single Integration Session
USD $150

Sessions are 75 minutes and take place via Zoom.

Renata Byrne - UK
March 21, 2022

Over the past decade I’ve been on quite a journey with Simone, from my first yoga teacher training to my first plant medicine experience. The breakthroughs under her guidance have been transformational; a return to physical health as well as renewed life purpose and forward movement. I’ve grown in ways and directions I could not have imagined.
Simone is a sensitive soul guide with unparalleled integrity; a compassionate space holder for the kind of work I believe can change humanity for the better. If you are a discerning facilitator or practitioner of personal and spiritual development words alone cannot express her grace and skill in the groundbreaking field of somatic plant medicine integration. The value of Simone’s offerings can only be fully appreciated by experience.

“We feel the touch of life, of a nonhuman awareness, upon us, but more… we 
experience something unique to most humans in the West. An intelligence, just as 
subtle and sophisticated as our own, but very nonhuman, reaches out and 
communicates with us. Across species divide, in spite of our isolation, a different kind of 
language than our own, one filled with meaning and intent, tells us something. And a 
new world opens up… we experience in that moment what the ancient Greeks called 
aisthesis, the touch of a nonhuman soul upon the deeps of us – and know that ours 
touches them in turn.” 
Stephen Harrod Buhner, 2014

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