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Hi, I’m Simone. I’m a 🌿 Soul Guide 🌿 here to help you find your path, grow and thrive through life’s challenges and connect with—and live from—your soul. 

Welcome to Somah Journeys where I offer a nurturing and educational space rooted in timeless wisdom traditions and nature-connection. From yoga, yoga nidra to soul-centered coaching, I embrace holistic wellness methods that nourish the nervous systemalign with your soul’s purpose and facilitate post-traumatic growth. This empowers you to embody clarity, calmness, confidence and connection to yourself, your relations and Mother Earth.

In a complex world shaped by intergenerational trauma, I offer a unique approach. Through body-based practices, I help untangle unconscious patterns and beliefs, activating your body’s innate healing potential, and bringing balance to your body, mind and soul. 

We transmute pain into (self-) compassion and care, leading to a rediscovery of the Sacred within yourself and your relationships. Ultimately this journey reshapes your way of engaging with and being in the world. 

Let’s embrace an open-hearted and aligned way of BE-ing, where living from and celebrating your deepest soul essence becomes not only a personal journey but also a profound contribution to the urgent shift in humanity’s consciousness. I’m here to support you every step of the way!

All Our Relations. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.



Embark on a holistic healing journey with our comprehensive offerings:

In-person & Online Yoga Nidra Trainer, Yoga Mentorship, Soul-Centered Coaching & Plant Medicine Integration sessions

Yoga Nidra Trainings



Yoga Nidra Audio Programs

Begin your journey today with immediate access to these complete practice series.

Plant medicine preparation and integrated sessions

Plant Medicine Preparation & Integration Sessions

Soul Centered Coaching


Yoga Nidra Mentorship

Yoga & Nidra


Live or self-paced. You decide.
A great way to begin when you’re looking to ‘shift’ something or develop a self-care or daily practice.

Tailored specifically to you and the patterns you wish to change. Whether it’s psychedelic integration or healing from burn out, painful events or to find a new direction – this is the place to begin.
If you’re seeking a full life reset with someone to safely guide you through the crunchy moments of transformation, join me. Reclaim your sense of belonging. Live in-person international events where we collaborate with knowledgeable & experienced facilitators.
Margo, USA
January 27, 2022

Simone’s Yoga Nidra has become a home for me, an anchor through the times of transition as a way to calm my nervous system and as a reminder of my true nature, my shining light. The seeds I planted through my intention and practice are blossoming in ways I never would have thought imaginable.

Emma, Ireland
January 27, 2022

Simone’s Soul-Centered Coaching has been the most loving and transformational guidance to keep me on track personally and professionally. I could not recommend more that working with Simone is not just an investment to help yourself get through challenging times or overcome obstacles but a gift that keeps on giving for your entire life.

Nikki Curtis, USA
February 1, 2022

Simone is a wonderfully nurturing guide and puts so much heart and care into creating experiences that allow you to go inward and be your own medicine for healing. She is very special and I would recommend her immersions to anyone.

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‘ We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. ‘

Maya Angelou



Simone is a recognised and respected leader in the international holistic and wellness world. She has spent 25+ years coaching, educating and guiding groups and individuals through transformational journeys.

Drawing on Eastern wisdom traditions and grounding Earth-honouring spirituality, Simone is passionate about empowering people to align to a new way of heartful BEing that respects and supports the health of the whole living Earth community.

Commitment to Social Responsibility & Giving Back

We seek ways to make our programs accessible to all, including disadvantaged communities.
We believe giving and receiving forms a circuit that serves to uplift everyone, honouring the spirit of Seva (‘service’), respect and love.
When enrolling in any of our programs, you are paying it forward; as we make regular donations to several important causes.

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