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Somah honours the wonders and infinite wisdom of Nature, Her gifts and our own living connection to Her. Remembering an ancient knowing that brings us back to the roots of spirituality and human existence, and what is innately in balance and sacred in us all.

In a world filled with distractions, it can be challenging to pursue a path of inner growth that goes deep and feels true. Somah is an invitation to soul searchers, truth seekers, teachers, yogis and non-yogis to embark on an authentic quest for balance, reconnection and an exploration of your inner worlds.

Somah entwines the ancient spiritual pathways of Yoga and Yoga Nidra from the East, with shamanic South American Plant Medicine work and native North American traditions.

By reconnecting with the deepest wisdom of the Earth, you can meet life’s changes with grace and ease, Love more truly and live more deeply.

Are you ready to….

Come home to your heart’s purpose and find your unique gifts?

Embody the innate wisdom that lies at your core?

Return to the Source of peacefulness & vitality already present within?

To do the heart and soul work for a more fully balanced connected life?

Allow us to welcome you back home to yourself!

We empower students to show up, simply as they are, offering a nourishing and loving space where people can fully be themselves. We act as a container for transformation by mindfully guiding you with the insights and tools to explore your inner world.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an accessible doorway into meditation and other states of higher consciousness. It moves us back into equilibrium, where feeling and being become our internal compass for truly living.


Plant Medicine

Since ancient times, plants have been the wisdom keepers of the Earth. When respectfully approached as spiritual teachers, healers and protectors, they can offer vast insight into our perception of ‘reality’.



Yoga is not about perfecting physical postures but a way of being that can purify the soul, balance energy and ultimately, create an embodied living connection to the whole of Life. 

Somah Founder And Soul Guide

Simone MacKay, has adopted these customs in her own journey of ‘waking up’ for over a decade. Facilitating yoga teacher trainings and events around the world with the School of Sacred Arts, as well as cultivating and presenting Yoga Nidra practices that are grounded in shamanic and nature based teachings. Simone deeply values how individually these illuminating and transformational tools can be utilised holistically towards a common trajectory and offers an annual yoga and plant medicine retreat in Peru in which she organically weaves these threads together.

Remembering Who We Are

Yoga nidra, yoga and plant medicines are closely aligned to my soul’s calling. Over the years, as they have become my core practices, I’ve outgrown most people’s concept of what a yoga teacher is.

I see myself more as a soul guide, using different tools to facilitate transformation in people’s lives. There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing students go deep. In the depths of the ‘darkness’ within, they get to discover their unique gifts and bring them to the surface to share with the world.

I believe yogic, shamanic and earth-based practices allow us to see, and see beyond, the surface into the real nature of our existence. Those that are bold enough to go on this journey evoke a remembering of the ancient spirit. The heart of life. The cosmic pulse working within the intelligence of Mother Nature, that lives within and outside us.”

With deep respect and Love,




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