Somah Journeys

Contribute to an Urgent Shift in Humanity's Consciousness

‘Root, Rest, Rise’

A 6-week Online Yoga Nidra Journey to help you regain your center, leave you deeply restored, and Heart & Soul connected.

Experience the therapeutic benefits and spontaneous healing of dream-time states of consciousness.

On a personal and collective level, we’re all experiencing challenges like never before. It’s hard not to crumble under the weight and heartbreak of it all. In a world filled with challenges, Yoga Nidra offers tools for profound shifts in consciousness, from the inside out, nurturing inner peace, empathy, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Yoga Nidra empowers each of us to be catalysts for positive heart-centered change, working towards a world rooted in balance, compassion, and kinship with all sentient beings.

Feel the heartwarming embrace of your own Nidra Nest as you gather with Simone each week for 75min sessions on Zoom.

Unwind, unburden, explore deep rest, alleviate anxiety and stress while diving into the profound realms of soul connection and embodied wisdom.

Our next 6-week series begins regularly. Stay tuned for new dates.

No Experience Necessary

What’s included in the 6-Week Series:

If you can not attend live, you will receive access to the recorded Zoom sessions and an upgraded downloadable MP3 recording.
Cost: USD$108 (Join our mailing list for special discounted rates)

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Online Yoga Nidra classes via Zoom are offered periodically throughout the year.
New dates are announced in advance.
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