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My journey with Yoga Nidra began nearly 20 years ago and since then, I’ve delved into its practice, studied its intricacies, and immersed myself in its wisdom. It’s more than just a guided meditation; it’s a holistic system that fosters a deeper connection with our bodies, emotions, and thoughts, leading us to tap into our inner wisdom and align with our soul essence. I continue to be amazed by its ability to unveil new layers of self-understanding and provide access to profound insights. It’s been a significant doorway to that ‘Know Thyself’ journey.

Today I’d like to share a personal story from my friend Emma Lowe who has been somewhat of an accomplice on this path. She’s been a special being in my life, initially immersing in the SOSA 200hr YTT, then our Peru immersions and supporting and growing with all things SOSA & Somah Journeys. As our friendship developed, so did our interest and passion for Yoga Nidra. We’re excited to be teaming up to offer a Yoga Nidra TT in Ireland next month with a lovely group forming. Today, I’d like to share her story about why she’s so passionate about it.

Emma shares…

When I was at my lowest, darkness point and found myself grasping for any life raft I could, medication, therapy, ayahuasca, kambo, breathwork, bodywork, energy work, heat therapy, cold therapy, float tanks, fasting, ayurveda programmes, colonics, sweat lodges, you name it, if I was told it would help I went all in.

While some of these experiences were life-altering, the “heal hard, transform now” approach never quite cut it for me. Like many, I was accelerating down the “spiritual” path wanting bigger, more profound healing experiences that gave me a momentary sense of ecstasy and connection but left me searching for the next high.

Through the intentional practice of rest and slowing down, I found the real medicine.

Through regular Yoga Nidra, I shifted from a state of extreme burnout and debilitating anxiety to feeling incredibly balanced in my nervous system and at peace inside my body. Yoga Nidra was (and still is) my most effective tool for integration and long-term healing. I went from having chronic insomnia and panic attacks to being able to fall asleep almost straight away and sleeping like a baby all through the night. On a neurological level, Yoga Nidra is not just a way to soothe the nervous system, but can actually rewire habits and patterns that are not healthy for us.

This was game-changing. Finally, after a decade of being in my stress response to know… to FEEL what it’s like to feel new, to feel energised, to feel creative, to feel clear in my decision-making, to feel at peace and at home with myself.

It gets even better.

I continued working regularly with yoga nidra and other altered states of consciousness, but now from a place of feeling deeply resourced, physically, emotionally and mentally, and that was when the magic started to really kick in. From this place I had an embodied understanding of the yogic philosophy. I was able to connect more deeply to the vast intelligence of the liminal worlds that yoga nidra inhabits.

I entered soul time.

I found myself connecting to the otherworld, the ancestors, the great mystery.

Yoga Nidra became my secret doorway to divine revelation (something my past self would have rolled my eyes at for saying) and that soul connection changed everything. My life path and purpose came online in a way I’d never experienced before. My connection to the land and the wisdom of the natural world opened up inside me and continues to guide and protect my life.

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