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Do you have a knowing that something needs to change?

I help you discover what brings you alive so you may step into an inspired life you are destined to live.

Personalised Soul Coaching

Have you lost your direction in life?

We’ve all had moments when our inner GPS has stopped working or the paper map we own doesn’t cover the terrain we find ourselves in.

Together, we will explore your inner landscape. We’ll shine a light on your Strength. Courage. Wisdom. And Innate Gifts. We’ll transform what’s not working for you into opportunities and cultivate new ways of BEing.

My deepest wish is to help you embody the wisdom of your Soul, its purpose & unique gifts.

I believe when life becomes a journey aligned with Soul (the sovereign BEing within), instead of an accomplishment or failure, it can become an opportunity to express Love through action and Presence. Let’s see where the journey takes you:

Personalised Soul Centered Coaching Center

Coaching Sessions

Plant Medicine Preparation & Integration Session

Plant Medicine
Preparation &
Integration Sessions

Yoga Nidra Mentorship

yoga & Yoga Nidra

Soul-Centered Coaching Sessions

Personalised, purpose oriented & intuitively guided

Life can send us in circles or have us lost at sea. Parts of us might be trying to cling on to Security. PrestigeComfortAnother part may be seeking the courage to take a leap – despite what others may think. 

I’m privileged to guide people through big transitions, so they can meet difficulty with gentleness, identify new perspectives with openness, and shift into ‘aha’ moments with clarity. 

Whether you’re leaving a comfortable corporate career, or starting your own business, ending a longstanding relationship, or following a dream, my soul-centred coaching sessions can support you on the journey to the next chapter of your life. 

I draw on timeless wisdom traditions that include mind/body practices and Earth-honouring spirituality, along with a trauma-informed, whole being approach that compassionately meets all parts of you and connects you to your authentic Soul calling.

Soul Centered Coaching

Assessment & Inquiry


Sessions are 75 minutes and take place via Zoom.
Included upon request: a written recap with key insights gained, a focus on current practices & audio recording of customised grounding meditations from each session.

Clarity Call: Book a 30 minute session for $30
Credit it towards your initial Soul-Centered Coaching sessions on Zoom


‘Soul Invitation’ Package

3 Sessions: USD $425

Bonus: Includes tailored audio meditations for each session

‘Soul Encounter’ Package

6 Sessions: USD $800

Bonus: Includes tailored audio meditations for each session, selected audio & video practices

‘Soul Immersion’ Package

12 Sessions: USD $1500

Bonus: Includes your own customized Yoga Nidra recording, tailored audio meditations for each session, selected audio & video practices, e-workbook
Stephanie Davis, USA
January 27, 2022

From the moment we met, the nurturing space Simone was able to create was palpable. You could even feel it through the computer screen. Her tools and practices have helped in my personal and professional life, helped me trust my intuition, and be more grounded in my spiritual and mental growth.


Do not try to save the whole world, or do anything grandiose.
Instead, create a clearing, in the dense forest of your life
And wait there patiently, until the song that is your life
Falls into your own cupped hands and you recognise it and greet it.
Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world so worth of rescue.
~ Martha Postlewaite
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