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Allowing Serendipity to Guide the Way:

Claire and I, two adventurous souls, had just completed our first-ever yoga teaching training that took us from the breathtaking landscapes of Bali, Indonesia, to the serene shores of Byron Bay, Australia. Filled with a sense of newfound freedom and excitement, we decided to embark on a spontaneous road trip along the east coast of Australia. Armed with a reliable paper map, we consciously left behind the convenience of technology and willingly embraced the unknown. Each day as we drove, the open road unfurled before us, promising endless possibilities and untold adventures. With no set plan in mind, we allowed serendipity to be our guide.


As we traversed the scenic coastal route, we found ourselves stumbling upon enchanting encounters that would forever remain etched in our memories. One day, fate led us to serendipitously meet strangers who invited us onto their boat, whisking us away on an unforgettable cruise through turquoise waters. We soaked up the sun’s warm embrace and marveled at the vibrant marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.


On other occasions, the universe conspired to connect us with people in need of assistance in clearing their home’s energy. Eager to lend a hand, we joined forces and spent the day transforming their space into a sanctuary of peace and harmony. The gratitude in their eyes and the palpable shift in energy reaffirmed our belief in the power of connection, the power that clearing space has and the beauty of selfless acts.


We were consistently in awe of the breathtaking natural landscapes. On some days, as the sun set, painting the sky in hues of gold and crimson, we’d search for a place to pull over from a day of driving. One time we found ourselves waking up in the midst of a fragrant mango orchard. The sweet scent enveloped us, as if whispering secrets of abundance and joy. With laughter echoing through the air, we wholeheartedly embraced the simple pleasures that nature had gifted us.


As our journey continued, we stumbled upon vibrant markets overflowing with colors and vibrancy. The lively energy of the markets mirrored the exuberance in our hearts, as we embraced the spirit of spontaneity and allowed the world to reveal its treasures to us.

Nightfall often found us seeking solace by the tranquil beaches that dotted our path. The rhythmic lullaby of crashing waves serenaded us to sleep as we nestled into our van beneath the star-studded sky. With sand between our toes and the cool ocean breeze caressing our faces, we surrendered to the blissful embrace of nature, finding peace and serenity in its gentle embrace.


Our journey, guided by trust and an insatiable thirst for adventure, was a testament to the beauty of surrendering to the unknown. In a time before smartphones and GPS, we discovered that the greatest navigation tool was an open heart and a willingness to follow the whispers of the universe. Together, we created a tapestry of unforgettable moments, forever woven into the fabric of our souls.


As I reminisce about that extraordinary road trip, my heart fills with gratitude for the freedom, connection, and joy that accompanied us along the way. The memories we forged together serve as a reminder that the most remarkable journeys are often the ones we embark upon with no plan, but an unwavering trust in the magic of the present moment. 


This road trip became a profound lesson in trusting life’s magical ways. It was a liberating, inspiring experience that set the foundation for my unwavering trust in the intelligent flow of life. From that point on, Life itself became my teacher and guide, and I never looked back.


Lessons Learned and Trusting the Flow of Life:

In all the years I’ve been teaching yoga, I’ve had to deal with some pretty hair raising experiences! Everything from erupting volcanoes interfering with the arrival of new students and smooth running of trainings to behind the scene extremes like key team members having life threatening accidents or family deaths and so on. Even the way our yoga school ‘School of Sacred Arts’ was birthed on a windy road in the mountains of Japan is a crazy story (to be told another day!). My partner, Troy, and I often jokingly called it ‘School of Sudden Starts’. 


The more I think about it, even my personal yoga path, when I embarked on my own first yoga teacher training in Bali 21 years ago, witnessing the tragic events of the Bali bombings radically changed the trajectory of my own life and set me on a path of deep trust and teaching me to flow with what I call the undercurrents of life. In this journey, I’ve learned how to navigate profound unknowns, extremely stressful situations, witnessed magical moments of connection, ease and flow all the while picking up invaluable tools in keeping my cool as well as learning to better understand mySelf at the most profound levels.


I was recently asked by a student how I learned to navigate these recent years and how I learned to create a life of travel with teaching. If I had to sum it up in one word, it’s TRUST. If I had to share what helped me meet the weirdness of these past few years of the pandemic, it’s TRUST. 


After the Bali bombings and that adventurous road trip those years ago, a glimmer of light emerged through the cracks of my tightly wound ball of conditioning, shaped by societal norms and mainstream expectations of how life should unfold. I was gifted with an opportunity to follow another way of being. And since then, I’ve never looked back. Every decision I make, every new venture, every new country, every new place or circumstance that presents itself on my path, is met with how it feels in my body and I trust that what is presenting itself is meant for my growth and evolution. 


Navigating the Inner Landscape and Tools for Discernment:

Granted, I’ve had to learn much about discernment in that process and with that come lessons of how to do that. The practices I’m passionate about and teach are the tools that clear the way within allowing me to recognize a deeper knowing, discern the path laid out for me, and navigate my inner landscape.


Of course, the thinking mind gets in the way with all its noise and I’m certainly not immune to it! It takes work to learn discernment…and a good dose of patience as well! So having a clear template in how to navigate one’s inner landscape is essential. 


One foundational understanding that simplifies this journey for me is rooted in the non-dual teachings of the East, where I’ve resided for most of the past two decades. Although there is so much to be said about the richness of these teachings (and actually no-thing to be said at all!), the philosophy of the five bodies or layers of our BEing, known as the Koshas, has been instrumental (a philosophy rooted in the Taittiriya Upanishad, an ancient Tantric yoga text dating back to the 6th century BCE). 


These undercurrents of life, flowing from the Source Consciousness itself, are the streams from which everything arises, exists, and dissolves. This is the ‘Ocean of BEing’ from which the process of embodiment occurs. This embodiment is what we experience as the sentience of ourselves and of all that lives and breathes, even that which does not appear to do so as everything is made of life force energy. This embodiment process moves through various realms, from the causal to the subtle to the gross, encompassing our soul essence, intellect, intuition, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energy, breath, and physical bodies. By cultivating an awareness that witnesses these inner and outer processes, we invite a greater sense of who we truly are in our wholeness.


Trusting Life’s Offerings and Magical Consequences:

To navigate these layers and get to know ourselves deeply, we have potent tools at our disposal.  One practice I’m particularly passionate about is yoga nidra, a guided meditation that works beneath the surface of waking consciousness. It may seem like a mere spiritual term for a nap, but it holds the golden key to self-recognition, helping us connect with our innermost BEing while navigating the challenges of daily life. Yoga nidra encompasses all aspects of our being, from the core soul essence to the practicalities of existence. It’s a non-doing practice in which everything happens!


By gaining a deeper understanding of these layers and connecting with our innermost BEing, we are invited into a greater flow and trust in life’s offerings. This has been my repeated experience. Trusting this flow has never led me astray; it has led to personal freedom, ease, love, and compassion for all living beings. The consequences of this trust have been nothing short of magical.


If this resonates with you, and you’re curious to explore your own inner landscape or gain additional teaching tools as a yoga teacher, I offer two programs in my yoga nidra mentorship. The first focuses on education and personalized soul-centered coaching, working with the template of the five layers of our BEing. This includes learning to guide yoga nidra and delving into body and nervous system rewiring, breath and energy work, understanding emotions as messengers, navigating our thoughts and beliefs, trusting inner guidance, and connecting to deeper awareness for a more present life. The second program focuses solely on learning how to guide yoga nidra as a meditation tool, without personalized coaching.


I find great joy in sharing this journey, and if it sparks your curiosity, please reach out. Guiding others and witnessing their growth and transformation brings me immense fulfillment. Together, we will embark on this path, fostering TRUST in the unseen, loving intelligence and FLOW of the Universal heart. 

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