Tracy Deanna King – Canada

Simone starts with unique grounding and mindfulness exercises to assist with dropping into myself. I really loved the different themes she uses and her essence is so comforting. We unpacked and discussed ideas towards my ideal future. Some examples included, unplugging from electrical devices, and re-connecting to nature where I could simply be myself and breathe. Accessing natural spaces among mother earth enhanced and complimented my ability to become aware of how to invite and create this peaceful place within myself. By bridging the inner and external worlds, I made connections that facilitated a spiritual communion allowing me to be aligned in presence, and accept all that is. In today’s world, it has become even more critical to set aside time to access my inner sanctuary, even if that means scheduling it in. I am, and we are all worthy of being held and supported by others and her, the great mother earth. I am grateful you could guide me into a state of simplicity, contentment and balance with spirit.