Patricia Zumstein – Bolivia/Switzerland

My experience with Yoga Nidra has been really great!
I teach Yoga Nidra every week to a small group. They love it. One of my students told me she has had a hard time finding calm in savasana. After I told her about yoga nidra she was reluctantly willing try. Especially since other practices didn’t ever seem to work, even hypnosis. Once we did the yoga nidra, she exclaimed for the first time in her life that she found utter relaxation as well as tapping into her own inner landscapes which were always inaccessible to her and this just amazed her.
For myself, when I do yoga nidra with Simone’s guidance, I see so many things with my inner eye. Yoga Nidra has enhanced my inner vision so much. It’s so beautiful how deep you can go with this Yoga Nidra!