Nicolai Borre Christensen & Cathrine Hansen – Denmark

This journey can best be described as a rebirth. You will dissolve and surrender leaving only your true nature exposed and vulnerable yet free to flourish and grasp into the very core of your existence. This immersion is powerful beyond measure and offers a unique experience of entering highly altered states through yoga nidra and plant medicine, which can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life. There is so much wisdom to be found throughout this retreat and the effects will last far into the future. Simone MacKay pours every bit of her heart into this amazing immersion and you feel the commitment and love from the first minute you arrive and in a base of trust you couldn’t even imagine. Simone and her team create an atmosphere that allows you to fully commit and flow into the vibe of these ancient practices. If there is one word to describe this immersion it would be ‘authentic’. We recommend for anyone interested in deep self-exploration and connection to our mysterious earth to do this – we promise you will never regret taking the time and courage to do this work for yourself.