Irene MacKay – Switzerland/Canada

Doing soul work with Simone has been a joyful experience.
She has shown deep wisdom and intuition by helping me to perceive my feelings and thoughts more clearly and motivating me to look at myself from different angles without feeling fearful or judgmental.
With great sensitivity and profound understanding of the human soul she has been able to guide me to look more openly at my own perceptions and interpretations of mySelf and the world in which I live. This approach, gentle and heartfelt, has opened up new doorways to a greater understanding of who and what I am.
What has also impressed me during our sessions is her knowledge of human spirituality in various cultures, past and present, comparing and pointing out similarities and differences thus providing a wider view of the unified field in which all life exists.
I feel more motivated to meditate on a regular basis as she has pointed out mantras and poems as aids to access deeper levels of myself.
Simone is a gem of a human being and I am very grateful for the genuine help and support of my inner growth that she has given me.
– Thank you, mom! Love, Simone xo