Ellen Thorngren – Sweden

Working with Simone has been like coming home. She is such a heart centered and caring person and she provides a really safe and well held space. Her approach is open, explorative, light and loving – yet anchored in deep wisdom and universal truth. She has a great ability to meet you where you are and to know exactly what will serve you in each moment.
Instead of fixing, perfecting or working towards reaching end goals (which I find is often the case with mentors/coaches) Simone helps you see and approach matters with curiosity, compassion and softness. This – in my experience- has been the key to everything, and ultimately what has helped me dissolve a lot of the things I had previously tried hard to ”fix” ”control” or ”effort” my way out of.
She’s helped me embody and fully understand a lot of concepts I previously only grasped on a mind level, which in turn has brought so much more ease into all aspects of how I relate to myself, my life and my relationships. She’s also helped me shift perspective when it comes to what it is/looks like to ”do the work”, and supported me in recognizing that the process is always and that magic comes from allowing things to feel juicy and enjoyable 😉
My 12 weeks with Simone has been a journey full of tears, laughter, deep insights and profound expansion. It’s been an eye opening process of learning to lean in rather than push against. Of daring to simplify rather than complicate. And of finding deep love and understanding for aspects of myself I judge or deem as wrong. As a result I feel more at ease and present all around. I also feel less susceptible to triggers and like I’m able to meet obstacles with less resistance and more okay-ness.
I’m deeply grateful for Simone’s soul guidance and while it’s been immensely beneficial for me I also feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible to explore in a container with her. She truly is a well of wisdom and I’d recommend anyone looking to get to know their true selves better to explore working with her in one way or another.