Dee Cameron, UK

I would totally recommend training with Simone at Somah Journeys.

I am quite new to Yoga Nidra and whilst I teach Yin Yoga, I had never taught Nidra ….

All of this changed within 2 weeks of starting my journey with Simone. We were a small intimate group of 2 and received incredible support during our 7 weeks.

The reading materials and practices were easily accessible and a joy to listen to.

As we journeyed through the Koshas each week we were encouraged with as much support and resources as we needed to begin to write our own scripts.

Not only did I find myself delivering Yoga Nidra practices very early on but I also noticed the techniques were slipping into my Yin classes. My vocabulary increased, my understanding of the layers of the body increased too …and I have the confidence to share with others.

Simone draws on many styles but her style of Yoga Nidra is unique. Truly nurturing, truly individual…

I used to fall asleep in Nidra … but with Simone’s teaching, I want to stay awake and hear what happens to the fairies and sprites as they duck and dive on my fingertips!

You will love this course and it will change your life.