Somah Journeys

How standing at a crossroads can inspire new ways of BEing

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Two decades ago, I stood in a Toronto IKEA parking lot with a cart full of brand-new household items as I began to realise a deeper voice was about to surface. I felt a weight on my chest and the welling up of tears behind my eyes, not knowing what was coming over me, especially since I had just been gifted a variety of brand new stylish household items. Visiting from Switzerland, my mom and I loaded the stuff into my car and proceeded to drive down the busy highway. Not knowing what I was feeling but bursting into tears, it hit me that I didn’t really want any of this stuff nor what it stood for. Through my tears, I uttered, “I don’t want any of this stuff!”. Encouraged by my mom’s questions, “Well, what is it you DO want??”, I heard myself sob, “I want to go back to Thailand!”