I am the Wind Across the Sea

I am a Dewdrop let fall from the Sun

I am a Fire on every hill

I am a Shield over every head

Who but I is the tree and the lightening that strikes it?

Who but I is the dark secret of the dolmen not yet hewn?

Who knows the currents of the Moon?

Who knows the path of the Sun?

-From The Song of Aimhirgin, (Ireland)

The Self is the sun shining in the sky

The wind blowing in space

He is the fire at the altar

And in the home the guest….

He is the fish born in water

The plant growing in the Earth

The river flowing down from the mountain

-Katha Upanishad, II.2.2 (India)


Yoga meaning to ‘yoke’ or ‘unite’

Yoga meaning to ‘yoke’ or ‘unite’ was designed for the purpose of spiritual development, creating an embodied living connection to the whole of Life. It’s a sophisticated system of :

  •  cultivating, moving, managing and balancing energy (prana).
  • The harmonising of opposing forces of energy (Shiva/Shakti) expressed within the duality of our existence, of order and chaos, masculine and feminine
  • sun and moon (ha- sun, tha- moon) to bring into balance body, breath, mind and spirit

Through yogic self-enquiry, you become aware of the Source that lies at the heart of your own true nature.

It is important to remind ourselves that Yoga is not about how deep your posture but how deeply you can meet yourself. With many health benefits for body, mind and soul that reach far beyond the asana practice, Yoga is an ancient and multifaceted vehicle for transformation and a medicine for healing.

Benefits of Yoga

With many health benefits including (but not exclusive to) strength, flexibility, self-massage and the soothing of the nervous system, Somah utilises the well – rounded holistic lens of the Yogi/nis.

Purification And Balancing

As we become more aware of energy, in essence and in spirit (both inside and out!), we find Yoga can be used as an energetic tool for purification and balancing. Through cultivated self-awareness and discernment, it is possible to reach the subtle layers of ‘self’ and come to an understanding of what truly serves your whole being. reach the subtle layers of ‘self’ and come to an .

Liberation & Inner Peace

Yoga is a guide to liberation and a pathway to inner peace. It connects you to the divine (for whatever that may mean to you) simply yet not easily, through your own direct intimacy with the nurturing power of your life. The ultimate purpose to awaken and then embody your own insights and realisations about self, as your yoga moves off your mat and into the practice of your life.

Simone MacKay (ERYT 500) has been teaching yoga throughout Asia for nearly 2 decades, including teaching at the world renowned Yoga Barn in Bali and presenting at Bali Spirit Festival, Kootenay Spirit Festival,Canada and Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival, Germany.

Simone’s Approach

With Hatha / Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as her main teaching styles, Simone’s approach is graceful and inclusive; celebrating the uniqueness of the individual physically and emotionally. Simone empowers her students to trust their own intuition. Offering earthy wisdom and guidance from a variety of wisdom traditions that gently point you back to the true nature of things, including yourself.

SOSA Founder

Simone has been facilitating teacher trainings with the School of Sacred Arts (SOSA) which she co-founded with her partner Troy McFadden. Spanning a decade Simone and SOSA team have trained over 500 yoga teachers from over 50 countries around the globe.

Guest Teacher

She also appears as a guest teacher on a variety of teacher trainings including Randall O’Leary’s Jungle Yoga, Tina Nance’s (TNYT) advanced YTT modules and Bex Tyrer’s Yoga immersions.

trained over 500 yoga teachers from over 50

For more Information on SOSA’s Yoga Teacher Trainings

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