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Soul Mentoring

Embark on a deeply nourishing journey of soulful embodiment. Reawaken the ancient wisdom within. Learn to trust your intuition. Gain practical tools and support to stay centred no matter what comes your way.

1-2-1 Soul Guidance Sessions & Soul Embodied group programs with Simone MacKay

Soul Mentoring is designed for anyone seeking support in their personal or professional life that senses the solution lies within the deeper currents of yourself and life.

Somah Journeys private Soul guidance sessions and Soul Embodied group mentoring program are designed to help you feel at home in your body, to access your intuitive wisdom, and develop trust in the guidance of your own soul. 

Through counsel, life coaching, somatic practice, breath and energetic work, ritual and spiritual education from a number of ancient traditions, we will gently peel back the conditioned beliefs and unhelpful habits to find out who you are and what is required to align with your heart and soul’s true purpose in this world.

Simone MacKay’s signature style as an educator combines her work as a Social Worker, Yoga Teacher Trainer with shamanic practice and scientific research. With over 25 years experience mentoring and holding space, this approach values love and compassion, and a deep reverence for nature. You will learn to reorient to the forces of cooperation, regeneration, humility, connection, playfulness and service. By honoring the wisdom of nature’s cycles and rhythms (both the healthy feminine and masculine), we discover our soul essence. 

Through Simone’s soul guidance you will be inspired by the koshas which are the various layers of our being as described in the ancient tantric text of the Taittiriya Upanishad. The koshas lay out a process of embodiment and “awakening” which move from the densest layers of our physical body to the most subtle layers of who we are. 

This allows you to gain awareness of who you are physically, emotionally, intellectually, energetically and soulfully and what’s more – how to actually work with and integrate the many different aspects of Self into your life through weekly movement, breathwork, ritual, meditation and other weekly practices so you are better able to:

  • Make informed, aligned and conscious choices
  • Meet life’s daily challenges
  • Overcome trauma and stress
  • Build resilience, vitality, balance
  • Trust in the deeper currents of life

Simone MacKay: Soul Guide, Social Worker, Yoga Teacher Trainer

Simone holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree with years of experience in crisis counselling working from an anti-oppression and trauma-informed approach.

She is an experienced registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance continuing education provider and teacher trainer having founded the School of Sacred Arts in 2008. Spanning over 2 decades Simone has mentored over a thousand yoga teachers, conscious leaders and soul seekers from around the world.

Simone combines yogic and mindfulness practices, somatic coaching, and nature-based teachings to empower others to tap into life’s deeper currents so they may realise their innate gifts and navigate life with more discernment, ease, meaning and purpose.

This process of deep self knowing and inner alignment transforms confusion into clarity, pain into purpose, heartache into healing, and fear into love.

Soul Mentoring is for you if you are ready to:

  • Create new ways to achieve the changes you want to make with focus and accountability
  • Gain confidence to respond with presence rather than react from old patterns, triggers, habits, blocks
  • Attend to and process difficult life events and emotions like low self-esteem, insecurity, overwhelm or anger
  • See from different angles with new clarity
  • Connect to your own body’s wisdom through somatic practices
  • Understand the different layers of who you are (physical, energetic, mental, emotional, intuitive and soulful) 
  • Be authentically you in all aspects of life

Soul mentoring empowers you to:

  • Align with your dharma (personal soul path)
  • Trust yourself and your intuition
  • Feel confident in your purpose
  • Integrate manageable practices and rituals to your day to day life
  • Enhance your self care so you have more capacity for compassion and care for others
  • Meet and respond to life’s challenges with more ease and compassion

You have 3 options to embark on your Soul Mentoring journey with Simone.

1. Private Soul Guidance sessions or 2. Self-paced ‘Soul Embodied Mentoring’ package or 3. Join us for our live 6-week group ‘Soul Embodied Mentoring’ program.

All options and investment as follows:

Private & Group online

‘Soul Mentoring’ 

Option 1: 1-2-1 Soul Guidance

Private Soul guidance sessions with Simone are perfect for those who would like customised 1-2-1 support. Private sessions allow you to work in-depth to meet your unique needs with a focus on personalised practices, stress-reduction, self-care, self-inquiry, increasing meditative capacity, therapeutic healing and spiritual growth.

Option to include a tailor-made Yoga Nidra practice and recording.


Sessions are 60-75 minutes.

Included: a written follow up recap of the session with key insights gained and a focus on current practices.

A Soul Session with Simone is US$150.00

Package of 3 sessions $325 ($125 discount) | Package of 5 sessions $475 ($275 discount)

For anyone with financial limitations, Simone offers a sliding scale. Please contact us directly to discuss what feels affordable. 

Please note, although Simone’s work is therapeutic, it is not considered therapy. If certain issues arise that are beyond the scope of these Soul Sessions, referrals to other therapeutic professional services may be recommended.

Option 2 & 3: Private or Group ‘Soul Embodied Mentoring’ Package

Whether you choose a solo or group journey this program is structured around an embodied exploration of the 5 koshas:

Module 1. Introduction: Setting Intentions with the Power of Sankalpa
Module 2. Annamaya Kosha: Body-sensing, Somatics, Grounding, and Earth Wisdom
Module 3. Pranamaya Kosha: Energy and Breathwork
Module 4. Manomaya Kosha: Mindfulness, Thoughts, and Emotions
Module 5. Vijnanamaya Kosha: Wisdom, Intuition, and Dreamwork
Module 6. Anandamaya Kosha: Soul, Presence, and Joy

Each module includes a specially designed movement, breathwork, yoga nidra meditation, dharma talk, as well as a ritual practice, journaling prompts, and self-guided exercises to take you deep into each layer of embodiment. 

This unique group program supports you to slow down, unwind, sense, feel, receive, and learn to trust your intuition.

If you choose our group journey you will be connected to a global network of like-minded beings to build community, engage in ancient ‘Way of Council’ practice and make lasting friendships.

Included in the 6-week group and 1-2-1 self-paced journey: 

Lifetime access to exclusive practices and educational materials: 

  • 5 x Movement/Asana practices
  • 5 x breathwork practices
  • 5 original Yoga Nidra meditations
  • 7 x dharma talks (on intention setting, soul embodiment, the tantric/yogic koshas or 5 layers of self, etc.)
  • 7 x 1.5 hour live integration calls
  • Weekly rituals and journaling practices
  • Written Soul Guide with additional practices, exercises, conversations with nature and rituals to choose from
  • 1 x private mentoring session with Simone (30min)
  • Peer-pod and access to exclusive closed Facebook group page for additional support, resources and to connect with community

6-week group ‘Soul Embodied Mentoring’ program:

  • Investment: $350 (regular price: $595)
  • 13 participants maximum per program
  • 2 partial scholarship spots available – prioritising members of marginalised groups
  • Next cycle begins 9th January, 2021

1-2-1 ‘Soul Embodied Mentoring’ program:

  • Investment $750 (regular price $995)
  • Includes 7 x private mentoring sessions
  • Self-paced through content
  • Start any time. Soul Mentoring sessions must be used within 6 months.

Group Journey Live Calls

Calls will be held on Saturdays (Friday evening in USA) at 8am & 4pm ICT (Bangkok). This will accommodate a Friday evening call in North/South America and a morning call for those in Australia, Europe, Africa & United Kingdom. Please check your time zone.

Week 1: Saturday 9th January, 2021, 8am & 4pm ICT (Bangkok)
 Introduction & Intention Setting 

Week 2: Saturday 16th January, 2021, 8am & 4pm ICT (Bangkok)
ANNAMAYA KOSHA: Grounding into Earth Wisdom: Embodiment, Nature & Felt-sense Awareness 

Week 3: Saturday 23rd January, 2021, 8am & 4pm ICT (Bangkok)
PRANAMAYA KOSHA: Finding your Flow: Energy & Rhythm of Body, Breath & Spirit

Week 4: Saturday 30th January, 2021, 8am & 4pm ICT (Bangkok)
MANOMAYA KOSHA: Feeling through the Fire: Mindfulness, Thoughts & Emotions

Week 5: Saturday 6th January, 2021, 8am & 4pm ICT (Bangkok)
VIJNANAMAYA KOSHA: Trusting the Winds of Intuition: Deep Listening, Dreamwork & Insight

Week 6: Saturday 13th February, 2021, 8am & 4pm ICT (Bangkok)
ANANDAMAYA KOSHA: The Space of the Soul: Presence, True Knowing & Authenticity

1 moon cycle later –  Saturday 13th March, 2021, 8am & 4pm ICT (Bangkok)
Reflection & Integration

The roots of our journey


Reconnect with nature as a living intelligence at this time of crisis on our planet. Come back into harmony with your own inherent nature as an act of personal activism and feel more empowered to take inspired action in the world.


Tap into the deep wisdom that already resides in you. From the ancient wisdom that’s always available to us, to our intuitive and somatic wisdom, and how to apply contemporary wisdom to your life so you can live with more trust, ease, and purpose.


 “The Way of Council” is an ancient, non-hierarchical, communication practice rooted in indigenous communities spanning the globe. Gather with like-hearted souls from around the world on weekly live calls, connected in our closed Facebook group, and be empowered and inspired by listening and speaking from the heart. The power of empathy grows exponentially when a community of souls meets in this way. There has never been a more pivotal time on Earth for us to remember that our power is in coming together.


Learn the power of intention and self-commitment through ritual and devotion to nourish your connection to Self and Nature. Explore ways to integrate ritual sustainably into your every-day life.


Experiment with both ancient and contemporary wisdom practices that will help you tap into your own inherent wisdom, confidence, and clarity. Start a practice or deepen your daily practice through the year to help free you from old habitual compulsive patterns and conditioning that are holding you back and keeping you small.

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