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Into the Heart of Light 10-day Yoga & Plant Medicine Immersion Old

Munay Sonqo, Arin, Sacred Valley, Peru
08 January 2022 - 18 January 2022

Please answer the following questions in full. The information you are providing us is strictly confidential, seen only by Somah facilitators and the admin director of our events. This allows us to adequately assess your suitability for the Yoga and Medicine Immersion and to support you as well as possible if/when you are accepted.
Applicants are selected based on life experience, commitment to personal practice, and intent—the latter being expressed in the necessary self-reflection involved and the candidness of your answers.

Personal Information:

Male Female Other

Emergency Contact Details:

Further Information :

Yoga and Meditation :

Medical history & information:

Event Related Questions :

General :

Do you have any issues/challenges we should know about that have not been addressed in this questionnaire? If yes, please explain. *

Finally, please express what expectations you have, if any, regarding this course? *
What primary resources do you rely on before and after this immersion? Will you have access to a support network straight after this immersion? *

My Responsibilities

Thank you for taking the time to complete this comprehensive questionnaire.

In closing: We are very excited to share the very best of what we have learned with you, with great humility and respect. Please be mindful of the challenging nature of the course. We do our best to hold space and support you through your process, but you, too, will be asked to practice self-responsibility, ownership of your emotions, thoughts, and actions, to consistently engage in self-study and self-analysis as you evolve and contribute to the overall group experience. Together we will inspire one another, learn together, and share the ancient wisdom these extraordinary agents of transformation have to offer.

I, the undersigned, take full responsibility for my health during the immersion. I agree to email you regarding any new medical issues that arise prior to the commencement date and after completion of this application.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge the intensive nature of the event I am applying for. If accepted, I understand that I am required to fulfill my obligations as a student to the satisfaction of the director and staff in order to remain on the course, and that my tuition payment does not guarantee that I will receive certification from SOSA I Somah Journeys. Acting in a respectful manner and otherwise conducting myself with maturity will insure that I successfully complete the training.

  • The cost of the Training includes accommodation, meals, all classes, workshops, educational materials and special events pertinent to the duration of the course
  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your registration
  • The deposit will only be refunded if the application is not accepted to the program
  • The remaining balance must reach Somah Journeys | School of Sacred Arts 1 month prior to training. If not, your place may be offered to someone on the waiting list and you will forfeit the deposit
  • The final amount received by Somah Journeys | School of Sacred Arts must be the exact course fee. You are responsible for any additional fees (i.e. transfer and/or exchange fees) that the bank charges
  • Somah Journeys | School of Sacred Arts and all associated organisers, teachers, facilitators, venue owners and management are not responsible for any personal injury or illness. We encourage you to come prepared with your own health and/or travel insurance. We can make suggestions for medical and travel insurance, if needed
  • A waiver must be returned before training / event commencement date
Due to the logistics required for planning an international event our cancellation and refund policy is as follows:
  • The deposit is non-refundable, but is transferrable to a later event within a 2 year period of the event date
  • Tuition (less deposit and transaction fees) can be refunded in full, up to 4 months prior to the commencement of the event.
  • 50% tuition (less deposit and transactions fees) can be refunded up to 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the event
  • We regret that we are not able to provide any refund beyond 8 weeks prior to the event.
  • Any refunds that have been negotiated on a one-to-one basis, must be claimed within one month of receiving confirmation of the refund OR any prior agreement is null and void and funds remain with Somah Journeys (SOSA)
  • In the unlikely event that the course you have registered for is cancelled, your money and your deposit will be returned minus an administrative fee of USD $100
  • Extenuating circumstances may be considered
*Please note that this refund policy pertains only to the cost of the actual event. Arrangements, agreements, contracts and other obligations regarding accommodations, flights, travel documentation (including visas and/or passports) etc. are the responsibility of the participant / applicant. If the initial booking was made through an external party such as Book Yoga Retreats / Tripaneer / Yovada etc, it is the participants own responsibility to inform themselves of the booking platforms terms, conditions and refund policy.