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Somah Journeys is an invitation to yoga teachers, dedicated practitioners and those with a beginners mind to embark on a journey of deep inner growth and discover their soul purpose.

We offer a range of advanced yoga teacher trainings Bali, Yoga Alliance certified continuing education programs, shamanic retreats Peru, Yoga Nidra trainings and one-on-one therapeutic consultations.


For yoga teachers ready to move towards 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification, Somah Journeys offers the highest level training possible, from the most inspiring, international yoga teachers.

Our 300 hour advanced teacher training program is designed with you in mind. With several highly specialised 100 hour yoga teacher training modules on offer, choose a combination of 3 that peak your interest and expand your capacity as a teacher with integrity and time for integration.

These trainings can also be combined with Tina Nance Yoga Therapy’s 100 hour YTT modules. 

Created to fit your lifestyle and support your own path of personal and professional development. This is a unique and versatile program intended to stoke the fire that burns deep within your soul.

Connect with us and we’ll tell you all about it!


Inspired by the richness of wisdom traditions from all over the globe, our holistic healing retreats are designed for those wanting to deepen their practice, expand their knowledge and nourish their being.

We have been running transformational immersions and conscious events worldwide for over a decade. We are known for bringing in highly experienced and inspiring facilitators for our yoga retreats on the magical island of Bali and in the mystical Sacred Valley in Peru.

Online Offerings and Coaching

Somah Journeys is an invitation to yoga teachers, dedicated practitioners, and those with a beginner’s mind to embark on a journey of deep inner growth and discover their soul purpose.


Simone is an EYRT500 and Yoga Alliance Professional (YACEP) with more than 20 years of experience as a practitioner and teacher in Yoga and other healing modalities. With this depth and breadth of skill comes a knowing of the importance of heartfelt connections and collaborations, only working with those who walk their talk, and offer safe and sacred spaces for their students. Simone regularly guest teaches on 200 hour yoga teacher trainings and other events. Specialised topics include the Koshas, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Meditation and brain wave states.
If you would like to invite Simone to guest teach please reach out to us here:

A Few Good Words

Sherena Edinboro - USA

I am truly grateful for you and consider you one of my great teachers and guides.
Honestly, it was you, and your retreat that changed my life. I'm so grateful for you! Words are not suffice. I found myself, my voice.
You are truly beautiful. And if it wasn't for your work, your dedication, your ability to hold not only Sacred, but Safe Space, I truly believe I would not be where I am at.
Know that you are valued, appreciated and necessary in this world. Especially for the exceptional work you do 🙏🏾. A sweet gentle, all - knowing Soul ✨, that is you.
So much gratitude.

Emma Lowe - Ireland

Simone MacKay, is one of the wisest and humblest beings I have been gifted with coming across on this path. Truly embodying all that she shares, she serves as an inspiration as much in the way that she IS in the world and the things that she doesn’t say as much as in the things that she does. Simone held a powerful yet gentle space for me to shift and sift through a lifetimes worth of conditioning and limiting beliefs and reminding me of my own intrinsic connection to nature and all of ‘Life’. Simone’s guidance and support in both Yoga and Yoga Nidra combined with the deeply powerful lessons I experienced from the Plant Teachers allowed me to reach and transform the make-up of my inner world and forever have changed how I see and interact with the outer world. I am beyond grateful for Simone’s teachings, compassion, love and nurturing presence, the roots of which run deeper in my heart than I can express and from which I have gained unparalleled insight, strength and growth. A true soul guide, gently guiding me home. Even through the darkest times, Simone helps me to remember Life's beauty and gifts, including my own.

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