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Space. Holder, Wise. Woman, Soul. Guide.


The roots of Simone’s practice and teachings are eclectic, drawing upon a wealth of study, various cultural lenses and wisdom traditions. Through her connection to nature, its cycles and its spirit, and her holistic healing knowledge, Simone serves as a conduit for the ‘Wise Woman’. She inspires others to revere Mother Earth and her gifts, and therefore all of Life.

Simone draws on ancient tools of Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Medicine Wheel teachings, in synergy with the plant teachers and shamanic practices. She offers a multifaceted perspective that gently encourages you home, to your heart space and soul’s purpose.

Simone’s Background

Simone has over two decades of experience as a yoga practitioner and Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher trainer (E-RYT 500). Supported by a Bachelor in Social Work, she has served as a crisis counsellor specialising in women’s issues. It was here that she began cultivating her skill for ‘holding space’ – embracing the deepest wells of emotion with full presence to allow others to transform and heal. Simone is also a certified aromatherapist, holistic practitioner, mentor and entrepreneur.

Increasingly drawn to nature-based spirituality, Simone spends intensive periods working in ceremony with various plant medicines. At key junctures of her life, several Vision Quests inspired by Native American traditions and Western psychology have also served to deepen Simone’s connection with nature. There she gained fundamental and humbling insights into herSelf and our place in the other-than-human world, while water fasting during periods of time alone in communion with the wilderness in the Canadian Pacific Northwest and in the American desert of the US Four Corners. Simone also spends time sitting with an elder of the SikSika/Sauk (Blackfeet) tradition who’s Medicine Wheel / Sacred Compass teachings she shares with blessing and permission.

The transformational power of rest through Yoga Nidra has been a significant key on Simone’s journey and in what she offers, having studied three of the main systems; IRest, I Am Yoga Nidra and Total Yoga Nidra.

Please find free downloads and course offerings on our Yoga Nidra page

With her life partner Troy McFadden, Simone established the School of Sacred Arts (which remains the parent school of Somah). Providing a holistic approach to yoga teacher trainings and events – their ethos is to celebrate yoga and its Eastern philosophy and cosmology, while honouring and imparting experienced knowledge of the sacred arts of many wisdom traditions. As the world reknown Bali-based Yoga Barn’s original 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, the School of Sacred Arts has certified over 600 Yoga Teachers from across the globe and continues to provide deep and powerful advanced yoga teacher trainings through Somah Journeys.

Trusting our Heart’s Guidance

Simone’s exploration of Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Sacred Plant medicine work has lead to a realisation that shows how these (seemingly) different methods really do very similar things in affecting the subtle realms, exploring our inner landscapes and purifying mind body and soul.

Simone’s exploration of Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Sacred Plant medicine work has led to a realisation that shows how these (seemingly) different methods really do very similar things in affecting the subtle realms, exploring our inner landscapes and purifying mind / body and soul.

The living wisdom these many paths hold – whether from the Yogis/Yoginis, Sufis, Shamans, Healers, indigenous tribes or Nature herself all contain an ancient yet innate perception that serve us greatly in our modern lives to remind us what lies at the the very heart of our being. They have shown Simone glimpses of our profound ancestral weaving and help peel back the layers of conditioning to move towards full powered freedom and true and flowing connection with all of Life.

It is through this embodied realisation that Simone guides those who cross her path to learn to trust their own heart’s guidance and come home to their own unique gifts and purpose. During this process, Simone holds safe space with a humble grace that comes from compassion and a wealth of experience. Her deep, centred state of presence which respectfully draws upon these yogic, shamanic and nature based tools allows you to feel seen, heard and felt as you voyage into the profound mysteries that unravel and speaks to the *indigenous soul within us all.

A Few Good Words

  • I traveled down to Peru for an all-inclusive yoga retreat involving, a sweat lodge, yoga, hiking, meditation, a day of silence, and 2 ceremonies with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. It was led by well-traveled guides with tons of experience and international contacts. They are yoga teacher trainers who have experienced just about everything in their realm. Guided by their courage and passion I felt like I received 10 years of therapy in a matter of 10 days.

    Matt Lovitt, USA
  • I just completed a 100-hour retreat - Yin yoga\ plant medicine module in Peru. It was one of the best learning experiences of my life. Truly magical. Simone is a wonderful teacher and facilitated the retreat with exceptional detail and grace. I would highly recommend to anyone curious about exploring this kind of path. With great love.

    Naomi Gaskin, Canada
  • Simone MacKay, is one of the wisest and humblest beings I have been gifted with coming across on this path. Truly embodying all that she shares, she serves as an inspiration as much in the way that she IS in the world and the things that she doesn’t say as much as in the things that she does.Simone held a powerful yet gentle space for me to shift and sift through a lifetimes worth of conditioning and limiting beliefs and reminding me of my own intrinsic connection to nature and all of ‘Life’.Simone’s guidance and support in both Yoga and Yoga Nidra combined with the deeply powerful lessons I experienced from the Plant Teachers allowed me to reach and transform the make-up of my inner world and forever have changed how I see and interact with the outer world. I am beyond grateful for Simone’s teachings, compassion, love and nurturing presence, the roots of which run deeper in my heart than I can express and from which I have gained unparalleled insight, strength and growth. A true soul guide, gently guiding me home. Even through the darkest times, Simone helps me to remember Life's beauty and gifts, including my own.

    Emma Lowe, Ireland
  • Simone is a very special teacher and creates an incredibly safe, transformative and ceremonial space.I could not be more grateful. My experiences with her have changed my life for the better forever and while this work can be incredibly hard at times because you never know what the plants have in store for you, it was just the journey I needed. Simone is a wonderfully nurturing guide and puts so much heart and care into creating experiences that allow you to go inward and be your own medicine for healing. She's very special and I would recommend her immersions to anyone.

    Nikki Curtis, USA
  • I can't tell you how happy I am to have the Peru experience Simone facilitated. I am constantly being brought back to the Maloka as a kind of mental safe place. I can still see, smell, and feel it so vividly. Now that I am firmly back in my "regular" life, I have found such great tools from my integration. My meditation has never been stronger, and my overall compassion and love for others has been broadened. Again, many many thanks for what you do!

    Seth Marcus, USA
  • This journey can best be described as a rebirth.You will dissolve and surrender leaving only your true nature exposed and vulnerable yet free to flourish and grasp into the very core of your existence. This immersion is powerful beyond measure and offers a unique experience of entering highly altered states through yoga nidra and plant medicine, which can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life. There is so much wisdom to be found throughout this retreat and the effects will last far into the future.Simone MacKay pours every bit of her heart into this amazing immersion and you feel the commitment and love from the first minute you arrive and in a base of trust you couldn't even imagine. Simone and her team  create an atmosphere that allows you to fully commit and flow into the vibe of these ancient practices.If there is one word to describe this immersion it would be ‘authentic’.We recommend for anyone interested in deep self-exploration and connection to our mysterious earth to do this - we promise you will never regret taking the time and courage to do this work for yourself.

  • I really wanted to experience in this unique way, the depth of my soul. The experience was pure magic. And pure reality. I felt safe, loved and held the whole way. I felt that I could trust Simone and that anyone she called into her circle could be, in the true sense of the word, a guide.The plant medicines have their own way of working. However, it’s critical to have gatekeepers on this side of it all that with a steady hand and open heart, guide you through the doorway, down and in. Gently. And with care.Would I do this again? 100 times yes. Would it be with Simone? 10000 times yes. Jump! Or walk slowly. Whatever your way, the medicine, and these skilled guides can hold you.

    Andrea Gaboni, USA
  • Simone is f*$!king insanely good at weaving together beauty & truth in to the unconscious of other beings, so they can see it, that it’s inside. 

    Jamie, USA

Giving Thanks


I bow to Spirit and Life itself, (myself one and the same) as my constant teacher, profound influencer and inspiration.

To Mother Nature, Pachamama, Gaia, Danu, Earth and all her profound gifts such as Grandmother Ayahuasca and Huachuma and other Plant Teachers who have been so vastly significant on my path and to their human facilitators rooted in the traditions of the Americas as well as drawing on philosophies of the East.

As a citizen of the Earth, I have sat with both indigenous and westerners alike who weave these traditions together in heart-centered, gracious and generous ways.


My family, especially my Mom, Irene, who has continuously been a loving guide and a spiritual mentor. My dad, Allan, who always inspired many laughs and who simply is a humanitarian through his way of being. My Grandma who contributed to me having a very happy childhood.

My beloved, Troy, a wise heart warrior, hilarious companion and gifted teacher.

My dearest friends, many of whom are amazing yoga teachers/practitioners themselves and who have taught me so much. Tina Nance, Cat Kabira, Randall O’Leary, Bex Tyrer, Eka Sabeh, Lindsey Wise, Val Nunes, Naomi Gaskin to name a few.

Emma Lowe, a kindred spirit who only recently came into my life and has been instrumental in bringing this undertaking to life.

A big thank you and credit to videographer and photographers, Jason Moon, Ulrike Reinhold, Andrei Jewel, and Irene MacKay for their talent and contributions to this site.

A heartfelt thank you to fellow fairy sister Lindsey Wise for sharing her beautiful music tracks, ‘Ah Ni Kuni’ and ‘Woman So Wise’ and Leticia Tika Qantu Sideris for ‘Asatoma Sadgamaya’.


In recent years, I’ve had teachers/mentors, some even from the unseen and non-human realms, who have guided me to very deep places within myself and also offered me a deeper grasp of the context and cycles in which our life occurs. These include an elder of the Siksika/Sauk (Blackfeet) People and their Medicine Wheel teachings and an African American Tantrika/Shamanka who through drawing on her own Kemetic roots, helped me tap into so much more than words can express.

Stephen Harrod Buhner and his inspirational work on plant intelligence.

My yoga nidra teachers who I’m honored to have studied directly with – Kamini Desai, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Richard Miller.

I bow to them in deep gratitude for the gifts they have shared with me.


*Every life born on the Earth is native and indigenous to it. “Originating / occurring naturally in a particular place” that of the Earth. Re-membering this collective connection to The Mother / Nature, her cycles and all living things we are able to embrace the inherent pulse that runs through us and all of Life.

I am in gratitude to all indigenous cultures from all traditions that have honoured Earth as sacred and alive, as well as the Earth herself, who share their wisdom despite historical/current attacks, outlawing, destruction and appropriation of your customs and ways. For this I feel deep sorrow in my heart.

May we commit to and continue to rebuild the bridges and honor these practices that help us remember our common humanity and Source.

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