Elemental Alchemy

A Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

30 hour YTT Continuing Education Program

In collaboration with AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Health Centre, Ubud, Bali


oin us for elemental teachings within Ayurveda, Yoga and Yoga Nidra with this special six-day retreat in Ubud held in a safe and sacred space.

Renowned teacher Simone MacKay (E-RYT / YACEP) joins forces with Dr Sujatha Kekada and AmrtaSiddhi, Bali’s leading Ayurveda Health Center, to bring you a deeply nourishing, potent and empowering retreat.

Deep dive into your own unique nature with ancient tools and lasting self-care practices. Embodying the Earth’s wisdom – you will learn to find your universal elixir of renewable vitality and peacefulness — and maintain this mind/body/spirit balance with ease and grace in your day-to-day life.

Journey through your senses and connect to the rhythms of your being as we explore a new elemental pattern of nature each day (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether)

Discover how to apply ancient Ayurvedic principles to your life by learning what is right to eat for your body and temperament through cookery classes, herbs and other self-care practices that help you return to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Honour the daily flow of life with an energising morning yoga practice (asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra)

Delight in stillness and lunar rhythms through the transformative power of embodied mindfulness, intention and deep rest with Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga

Who is this for?

Every part of you is welcome and encouraged.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or yogini, a practitioner or a teacher, this retreat is open to and suitable for all levels and experiences.

For yoga teachers, this event meets all Continuing Education (CE) requirements as required by Yoga Alliance as 30 contact hours with a registered Yoga Alliance Professional Continuing Education provider (YACEP).

Elemental Alchemy retreat is for you if…

  • You want to deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Ayurveda
  • You have a yearning to retreat with the highest calibre of teachers and facilities
  • You’re looking to reconnect with your innate wisdom and elemental nature
  • You want to empower yourself to maintain a balanced way of being in your day to day living through self-care tools and practices that rejuvenate, restore and realign
  • You’re ready to return to the (renewable) source already present within
  • You’re a yoga teacher wanting to refresh your teachings and ability to inspire your students.

Elemental Alchemy is a way of being born of the heart, from which you can meet life’s changes with grace and ease, love more truly and live more deeply.

As bonds form, we will celebrate each other and all of life as sacred through magical water purification / fire homa and traditional Balinese blessing ceremonies.

This powerful, unique and comprehensive alchemy of practices gives you space to unplug and reflect.

Join us in our journey to navigating the world the way we really want to…with clarity, purpose and the knowledge to love and nurture your most precious possession – your Life!

What's Included

We love to offer you as much freedom of choice as possible, so we offer both residential and non-residential options. You can either stay with us at Amtha Siddhi tucked away on the edges of Ubud’s Monkey Forest, or book into nearby accommodation. There are plenty of quality budget accommodation options around.With either option, you get 13 meals included in the retreat – some of which you will prepare yourself, guided by expert Ayurvedic doctors and chefs.

Residential: 5 nights – starting from USD $1195 

Non-Residential:  USD $895

What’s included:

  • Whether you choose to stay with us or find your own accommodation, we include in the retreat a daily chef-prepared Ayurvedic breakfast and lunch, along with 3 special evening dinners. (you’ll have 2 evenings off, allowing time to eat a meal off premises of your choosing).
  • Daily Yoga (Hatha/Flow, Pranayama, Mudra, Mantra, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga)
  • Teachings and talks including: Introduction to Ayurvedic principles and philosophy, treatments and Panchakarma, Pancha Tanmatras (senses), Pancha Mahabhuta (5 element concept) Doshas, Agni (digestive fire), Prakriti Vikriti, Koshas, Yoga Nidra
  • Water blessing and Fire Ceremony with Balinese Priest 
  • Herb walk (Amrtha Siddhi grow their own herbs and one afternoon we will be taken through the gardens and the herbs and their uses explained)
  • Ayurvedic cookery class
  • Ayurvedic massage/treatment

Please note spaces for this retreat are limited – A non-refundable $400 deposit is required upon registration to secure your place 


Simone Mackay


Dr Sujatha Kekada

Simone MacKay, our seasoned yogini, has taught yoga and trained yoga teachers in various locations around the globe for over two decades and will assist us in exploring the higher levels of this ancient practice.

Simone is an expert in Yoga Nidra and has trained directly with Richard Millar in Irest, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Total Yoga Nidra and Kamini Desai in The Amrit Method.

Simone holds safe space with a humble grace and that comes from compassion and a wealth of experience. Her deep, centered state of presence is calming and grounding simply by being in her company and she respectfully draws upon shamanic, yogic and nature based tools inspired by nature and the 5 elements, 7 directions and other native Medicine Wheel teachings in in support of growth and transformation.

Dr Sujatha Kekada is the Head Physician and Co-Founder of Amrtasiddhi and a certified Ayurvedic doctor (B.A.M.S). Having completed her degree in Karnataka, Dr Kekada worked as an Ayurvedic consultant in some of India’s, Asia’s and Europe’s top clinics and Health retreats before coming to Bali in 2004.

Dr. Kekada’s deep knowledge of Ayurveda combined with her warm, intuitive and caring attitude has facilitated deep healing for many people. Applying not only Ayurveda but also Theta Healing in her approach, she is able to successfully address and assist with emotional aspects of healing as well. 


Where do I fly into: Ngurah Rai International Airport (also know as Denpasar airport)

We can provide transfer information/recommendations to and from Denpasar to Ubud




April 4 – 9, 2020


AmrtaSiddhi Ayurveda Health Center,

Banjar Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali

How Much:

Residential: Starting from USD $1195

Non-Residential: USD $895

“We will support you to burn off the soot that clouds the lantern of your soul, transmute limiting self beliefs and habitual behaviours, and return to who you are at your core – abundant health and wellbeing.”

We will support you burn off the soot that clouds the lantern of your soul, transmute limiting self beliefs and habitual behaviours, and return to who you are at your core – abundant health and wellbeing

A Few Good Words

  • I traveled down to Peru for an all-inclusive yoga retreat involving, a sweat lodge, yoga, hiking, meditation, a day of silence, and 2 ceremonies with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. It was led by well-traveled guides with tons of experience and international contacts. They are yoga teacher trainers who have experienced just about everything in their realm. Guided by their courage and passion I felt like I received 10 years of therapy in a matter of 10 days.

    Matt Lovitt, USA
  • I just completed a 100-hour retreat - Yin yoga\ plant medicine module in Peru. It was one of the best learning experiences of my life. Truly magical. Simone is a wonderful teacher and facilitated the retreat with exceptional detail and grace. I would highly recommend to anyone curious about exploring this kind of path. With great love.

    Naomi Gaskin, Canada
  • Simone MacKay, is one of the wisest and humblest beings I have been gifted with coming across on this path. Truly embodying all that she shares, she serves as an inspiration as much in the way that she IS in the world and the things that she doesn’t say as much as in the things that she does.Simone held a powerful yet gentle space for me to shift and sift through a lifetimes worth of conditioning and limiting beliefs and reminding me of my own intrinsic connection to nature and all of ‘Life’.Simone’s guidance and support in both Yoga and Yoga Nidra combined with the deeply powerful lessons I experienced from the Plant Teachers allowed me to reach and transform the make-up of my inner world and forever have changed how I see and interact with the outer world. I am beyond grateful for Simone’s teachings, compassion, love and nurturing presence, the roots of which run deeper in my heart than I can express and from which I have gained unparalleled insight, strength and growth. A true soul guide, gently guiding me home. Even through the darkest times, Simone helps me to remember Life's beauty and gifts, including my own.

    Emma Lowe, Ireland
  • Simone is a very special teacher and creates an incredibly safe, transformative and ceremonial space.I could not be more grateful. My experiences with her have changed my life for the better forever and while this work can be incredibly hard at times because you never know what the plants have in store for you, it was just the journey I needed. Simone is a wonderfully nurturing guide and puts so much heart and care into creating experiences that allow you to go inward and be your own medicine for healing. She's very special and I would recommend her immersions to anyone.

    Nikki Curtis, USA
  • I can't tell you how happy I am to have the Peru experience Simone facilitated. I am constantly being brought back to the Maloka as a kind of mental safe place. I can still see, smell, and feel it so vividly. Now that I am firmly back in my "regular" life, I have found such great tools from my integration. My meditation has never been stronger, and my overall compassion and love for others has been broadened. Again, many many thanks for what you do!

    Seth Marcus, USA
  • This journey can best be described as a rebirth.You will dissolve and surrender leaving only your true nature exposed and vulnerable yet free to flourish and grasp into the very core of your existence. This immersion is powerful beyond measure and offers a unique experience of entering highly altered states through yoga nidra and plant medicine, which can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life. There is so much wisdom to be found throughout this retreat and the effects will last far into the future.Simone MacKay pours every bit of her heart into this amazing immersion and you feel the commitment and love from the first minute you arrive and in a base of trust you couldn't even imagine. Simone and her team  create an atmosphere that allows you to fully commit and flow into the vibe of these ancient practices.If there is one word to describe this immersion it would be ‘authentic’.We recommend for anyone interested in deep self-exploration and connection to our mysterious earth to do this - we promise you will never regret taking the time and courage to do this work for yourself.

  • I really wanted to experience in this unique way, the depth of my soul. The experience was pure magic. And pure reality. I felt safe, loved and held the whole way. I felt that I could trust Simone and that anyone she called into her circle could be, in the true sense of the word, a guide.The plant medicines have their own way of working. However, it’s critical to have gatekeepers on this side of it all that with a steady hand and open heart, guide you through the doorway, down and in. Gently. And with care.Would I do this again? 100 times yes. Would it be with Simone? 10000 times yes. Jump! Or walk slowly. Whatever your way, the medicine, and these skilled guides can hold you.

    Andrea Gaboni, USA
  • Simone is f*$!king insanely good at weaving together beauty & truth in to the unconscious of other beings, so they can see it, that it’s inside. 

    Jamie, USA

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